Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Amazing Pictures

Andy, Carl's brother has recently returned from another visit and sent some new photos and I can't begin to tell you how amazing Carl looks in them considering they were take so soon after his recent operation.

Andy told me the operation to replace the piece of skull was a success and Carl is now able to propel himself in his wheelchair with his good foot.
Carl is currently in Dusseldorf but will be moved back to Krefeld this week.
He enjoys playing football during physio which is a really good sign and he has even managed to leave the hospital for a day out with a visit to a cafe for a capuchino and cake... another big step for Carl and a good indication that he is doing well.

As of yet there hasn't been a date set for him to return home, but Andy is going back out to Germany this Saturday (14th) and should hopefully have more news on Carl's return.

Check out this link on YouTube of some of the City Players video messages to Carl. Thanks to Marcus Rehse for the link:

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