Monday, 6 April 2009

Thank You

Now that we have all recovered from Fri night, a few thank you's are in order:

Blue Moon MCFC; El Rincon;; Wayne Bridge; Village Hotel Bury; Sancastle Blackpool; Slatterys; Liverpool/Everton/Hull/Middlesbrough fans; Marcus & Schalke supporters; Lancashire Cricket Club; Manchester City Football Club; The Football Supporters Federation; Ricky Hatton; Pau Brasil; Thomas Cook; Oasis; Blackley Royal British Legion; Garry Cook; Michael Johnson; Dom Collins; The Micradotts; Mike Lancaster; Mark Lillas; James H Reeve; Paul Hince; Paul Power; Tommy Booth; Fred Eyre; Don Frame (M.E.N); Jim Cassell; Gary Owen; Joey Barton; The Referee Association; Peter Barnes; Opus Comedy Store; All the doctors & nurses in Germany; Greater Manchester Radio; Pat the Red; Official Supporters Club; Centenary Supporters Association; Blue Watch; Spike & 90 Minutes; Vital MCFC; Ivan Lewis MP; Sappartos; plus everyone who has made donations and sent messages of support.

Please let me know if there are any names/organisations I have missed off the list as I can only put up what I have been given.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget Skydrift, the Airline who so kindly delivered Carl back to Liverpool!
Thanks also should go to Captain Peter Rimmer who organised the flight!